Hekapad 0.60


Operating System: Windows XP, Vista (32/64 bit), 7 (32/64 bit), 8 (32/64 bit), Windows 10 (32/64 bit)

Requirements: .NET Framework 4

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Software Info

Hekapad is a free fully featured lightweight text editor for Windows. It can be used to replace the classic Notepad with some useful cool features.

Never lose your work

Hekapad automatically save a backup copy of the open document if it was not properly closed.

Hekapad make silently in background a backup copy of your work so you will never lose a single character of your document.

Everytime you start Hekapad it will check for lost documents and ask you to restore them.

Easily import your documents

With Hekapad you can easily import your documents inside your open document.

Through the import tool, you can append every plain text file to the document you are working in, this feature allow you to join two or more text files in one single file.

Invisible and always on top

You can choose how Hekapad should display, you can set the opacity to get it semi-transparent and you can set it as always on top.

You can combine these two features and have Hekapad always on top and still see what’s happening on back.


With Hekapad you can encrypt a text file and save it with a txt extension.
You can choose between 3 levels of encryption:

  • Simple encryption (low level of security)
  • Standard encryption (high level of security using AES-256 encryption)
  • Advanced encryption (best level of security, using AES-256 encryption and a custom key)

You can combine these encryption to have a custom encryption system.

Search on the web

With Hekapad you can search on the web for a text, just select a word, a link, a name or anything else, and you can search it on Bing, Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo or IMDB.

Favorite documents

With Hekapad you can save and manage all you favorite documents links and open them quickly.

Hekasoft Dual Clipboard

Hekasoft Dual Clipboard

Hekasoft Dual Clipboard: More power to your clipboard

With the new Hekasoft Dual Clipboard system , Hekapad will support 2 more clipboards.

Standard Clipboard

A Clipboard that store the last 10 text that you cutted or copied.

You can paste them using the Edit menu, the right mouse click menu or the keys combination  ALT+Num from 1 to 0

Custom Clipboard

A more advanced clipboard that store up to 5 custom text

You can choose where to store your text using the keys combination CTRL+SHIFT+ NUM from 1 to 5

Once stored you can paste the text using the menu Edit, or the right mouse click menu, or the keys combination ALT+SHIFT+ NUM from 1 to 5

Code Syntax Highlight

Hekapad can highlight code syntax for HTML, CSS, PHP and XML.

And much more…

Hekapad is a fully featured text editor, others features include:

  • Drag & Drop text inside the document
  • List of recent opened documents
  • Insert symbols in a document with a click
  • Insert date, time
  • Change font and color
  • File informations
  • “Go to line, character and word” option, to jump to a selected line new
  • Support 19 extensions (1stnew, asp, c, cpp, css, htmnew, html, inf, ini, js, log, nfo, php, resx, srtnew, subnew, txt, vb, xml), you can save and open any extension you like.
  • Print options
  • Find and Replace text
  • Count document characters, words and lines
  • Click on a link to open it
  • Opening multiple files simultaneously
  • Copy/Cut and Append to the Clipboard
  • Full-screen view
  • Syntax Highlight for HTML, PHP, CSS and XML new
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