Hekasoft PassKeeper 0.23


Operating System: Windows XP, Vista (32 bit, 64 bit), 7 (32 bit, 64 bit), 8 (32 bit, 64 bit)

Requirements: .NET Framework 4


Choosing this download you will support Hekasoft, and you will have the opportunity to install additional third-party software.

If you like to download the version without third-party software you can download the software from this link.


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Software Info

Hekasoft PassKeeper is a free password manager that allows you to store your passwords in an encrypted database protected by a password.
Thanks to PassKeeper is no longer necessary to remember hundreds of passwords, just remember the database one, or use only the security key and forever rid of the problem of having to remember passwords.


To ensure a high level of security PassKeeper encrypts the database, making impossible to read it with other software, you can also protect the database with a password or a key to be sure that only you can access it.
The security key is a file that must be loaded to allow the opening of the database.
To make the database attack-proof are not expected recovery methods for passwords or keys, so we recommend you to store them otherwise it will be impossible to access the database.

Easy of use

PassKeeper has been designed to be as simple as possible and to respond to any need.
PassKeeper has a single screen from which you can manage your passwords, so it makes it easier to locate the task you want to perform and reduces the time needed to accomplish it.
Furthermore, with a simple click you can copy any data to the clipboard for easy pasting where required.

Password Generator

PassKeeper has a built-in password generator, which allows you to generate random passwords, you can select which character to use, and whether to generate a password with a default or random number of characters.

Checking the password

With PassKeeper is possible to control the level of security of your password. It use a 5 level system rating:

  • Level 1 (red): The password is very easy to find and should be changed immediately
  • Level 2 (red): The password is easy to find and shound be changed as soon as possible
  • Level 3 (orange): The password is uncommon but easy to remember, you can use it for those website that don’t mind if someone will find it
  • Level 4 (yellow): A good password, hard to find, it should be good enough for most website or services
  • Level 5 (green): The password is really strong, almost impossible to find but maybe hard to remember
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