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Here you can find support to the frequently asked questions about our softwares, if you can’t find what you need, you can contact us.

General Questions

  • Are you interested in Link/Banner exchange?

    No, we don’t accept any link/banner exchange.
  • Can I put your softwares on a CD/DVD and share with a Magazine?

    Yes, you can share our softwares with your magazine readers on a CD or DVD, just please let us know about it so we can advertise it.

    You can share any portable or installer version, but you can’t repackage them, you can’t modify in any way the installer,the zip file or any part of our softwares.

  • I have a website, can I share your software on my pages?

    Yes, you can freely share our softwares on your website, if you do a review, please let us now so we can share your website on our social pages.
  • I have downloaded one of your softwares from another website, and now I’m experiencing problems, what should I do?

    You should download our softwares from our website, or from trusted websites. Some websites have modified our softwares installations or repacked as portable version, these versions violate our licence. If you have downloaded and installed our software from another website, please remove it and do a system scan against virus and malware. Then download it from our website and install it again.
  • Your softwares will always be freeware?

    We think that some kind of softwares should be always freeware, so our softwares that are actually freeware will always be freeware.
  • I have a feature suggestion, can you add it?

    Please, contact us and tell us which feature you wish to add, we will add it in our to-do list.

    We do not guarantee the addition of your suggestion.

Hekasoft Backup & Restore

  • Can you add a browser to your support list?

    Yes, please contact us and tell us the browser’s name that you wish that Backup & Restore will support.
  • What is included in the backup?

    Actually Hekasoft Backup & Restore can do a full backup of your profile, that means that you will have a perfect clone of what you actually have.

    For a browser this include: bookmarks, extensions, themes, passwords, cache, custom settings, etc.

    This is not possible with 2 softwares:

    Internet Explorer: in this case you will have just the Favorites

    Google Chrome (and all Chrome based browsers): This browser validate passwords and extensions using your account and PC, this means that if you copy your profile to another PC you will lose your saved passwords and extensions, you need to export all passwords and reimport them after the restore. For the extensions you have to install them again after the restore. You just need to re-iinstall the extensions, all their settings will be as they was before.

    This is not an Hekasoft Backup & Restore issue but a Chrome’s feature.

    You can use this work-around to backup your plugins.

Hekasoft System Cleaner

  • When I clean my PC some files cannot be removed, what should I do?

    When you clean your PC please close all the listed softwares to avoid that some files may be in use.

    If you still can not remove those files, please try to run Hekasoft System Cleaner with Administration Rights (right-click on Hekasoft System Cleaner icon and click on “Run As Administrator”).

    NOTE: Actually some files can be found but not removed (some iconcache and thumbcache files)

  • This software is a beta, it can damage my PC?

    No, Hekasoft System Cleaner is safe, it can’t damage your system or delete useful files.

    It is a beta because some features are still in development and some files cannot be removed when you clean your PC.

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