Support – FAQ

Here you can find support to the frequently asked questions about our softwares, if you can’t find what you need, you can contact us.


Why you boundle 3rd party softwares with your installation? Why No-Sponsor downloads are on MediaFire?

We want to keep our softwares freeware, but developing them and the mantaining the server have high costs, so this is a way to offer our software for free and still pay the server and the software’s development.

When I install your software are installed other softwares too

Our Standard download offers 3rd party bundle software, during the installation you can choose to install them or not.

Are you interested in Link/Banner exchange?

No, we use Google AdWords for the banners on our website, and we don’t exchange links.

Can I put your softwares on a CD/DVD and share with a Magazine?

As like the websites, you can share the Standard version of our softwares with your magazine readers on a CD or DVD, just please let us know about it. If you want to share the No-Sponsor download please contact us.

I have a website, can I share your software on my pages?

Yes, you can freely share our softwares on your website, but if you put our software on your server, you can share only the standard download (the one with 3rd party softwares included), for the no-sponsor version you can only put a link to our file. The standard version don’t require our permission to be shared, but if you do, please let us now so we can share your website.

I have downloaded one of your softwares from another website, and now I’m experiencing problems, what should I do?

You should download our softwares from our website, or from trusted websites(you can find them in awards section of software pages). Some websites have modified our softwares installations or repacked as portable version, these versions are against our licence. If you have downloaded and installed our software from another website, please remove it and do a system scan against virus anda malware. Then download it from our website and install it again.

Can you develop a Portable version of a software?

Actually we don’t work on any portable version of our softwares.

Your softwares will always be freeware?

We think that some kind of softwares should be always freeware, so our softwares that are actually freeware will always be freeware.

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