<strong>Hekasoft Backup & Restore</strong>
Hekasoft Backup & Restore

The perfect solution to backup, migrate and optimize your favorite browser data. With Hekasoft Backup & Restore you will never lose your settings or data. Hekasoft Backup & Restore is a must have software for every Windows user.


Free text editor for Windows. Hekapad will constantly backup your work, so you will never lose it. With Hekapad you can easily drag and drop text from other windows, or import other documents inside the one you are working on.

<strong>Hekasoft PassKeeper</strong>
Hekasoft PassKeeper

Hekasoft PassKeeper is a free password manager that allow you to store your passwords in an encrypted database protected by a password.

<strong>Hekasoft System Cleaner</strong>
Hekasoft System Cleaner

Day after day, using your PC accumulates useless files that take up hard drive space and make it slower.
Hekasoft System Cleaner can remove these files by freeing space and accelerating the Operating System and programs.


I am an independent Italian developer, active since 2012.
Under the Hekasoft brand, I develop free software for the Windows operating system.
Hekasoft name comes from a fusion of the words Heka (the deification of “magic” in ancient Egypt) and Soft (Software).
To find out more about me, you can visit my personal website (only in Italian).

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